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Reading Math and Problem Solving - Frank Ward

"Reading Math and Problem Solving" is an interactive ebook with 31 teaching videos. Learn how math reading skills can help you become a better problem solver.

 Dr. Ward's new book teaches you how to read math and become a better problem solver.

This book addresses math reading skills and how these fundamental skills are related to problem solving. If one doesn’t know how to read their math book, they have limited success with applied (word) problems. It is necessary to read and interpret the language of mathematics in order to set up and solve an applied problem. One must read with understanding to make connections between the given information and what is to be found.

The first chapter is designed to compare math reading skills with ordinary reading skills.  The ultimate goal is to use these reading skills to read mathematics with understanding.

Math reading skills are woven into the problem solving skills in Chapter 2. In addition to utilizing the math reading skills in Chapter 1, several problem solving techniques are illustrated. Problems are approached numerically and geometrically to provide insight into the algebraic approach.

Mathematical symbolism is a thing of beauty for those who understand how to interpret the symbols and apply the associated rules. For those who don’t, math symbolism can be a frustrating stumbling block. The next three chapters are devoted to helping students interpret math symbolism and correctly apply the associated rules. A theme for these chapters is to identify and eliminate common math errors related to math symbolism.

 Available on the iBookstore. The iBookstore lets you browse books and download them directly to your iPad.

This interactive ebook is for:
Algebra I students
Algebra II students
College prep math students
Teachers who want to help math students become independent learners


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